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Aerial Application

Being raised in Thayer County and having farmers in the family, we know just how vital farming is to the community and nation. We want to do everything we can to support our local crops and provide the best services available. By using a helicopter, we can get into the types of terrain that an airplane or a ground sprayer could not. We fly slower and with more agility to conform to the unconventionally shaped fields. We takeoff from a transport truck close to the field and do not need access to an airport.

Our pilots are on call this season and can be ready to support on short notice.

The advantages of using our service over conventional services are: R44 Spraying

  1. The agility of our aircraft and pilots we can easily access hard to reach locations.
  2. No trampling of crops.
  3. Aerial application does not spread fungal spores.
  4. The tip vertices that come off the rotor blades allow for product distribution to the underside of the leaves (especially important with insecticides, aphids in particular).
  5. The cost is incredibly comparable to ground spraying when you factor in the absence of damaged crops.
  6. No ruts are made in the fields (which can occur with ground sprayers).
  7. Longer window of application due to the absence of height restrictions (which is an issue with ground sprayers).
  8. Fast application (up to 200 acers per hour).



Our base rate of $9 per acre makes spraying rough terrain affordable for all agriculture needs.  Discounts available. Call now for a custom quote.